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Emergency PC repair

"There within 2 hours...!" - Call us on : 08000 119 733

One Stop PC repair service

We understand that when our customers want a device repaired they want it repaired yesterday! and its not always convenient to take your device to your local repair shop and if you have a PC tower it can be inconvenient to transport the base unit.

For these reasons we serve our local area with our emergency PC or laptop repair service and can be with you within 2 hours of your initial call.

Our engineers are qualified to Microsoft Certified Professional standards and have many years experience in hardware and software computer issues. 90% of repairs require no parts and so there are no hidden extras or cost - in cases where laptop screens or keyboards need to be replaced we can order these parts in for you and attend your premises with the parts to install there and then to eliminate any delays

All our computer repairs come with a 60 day guarantee and so you can rest assured the repair was successful

Standard PC repair service (within 2 days ) = £49.99

Two hour emergency at home PC repair = £64.99

DC jack replacement - (Only charges if held a certain way) £39.99 in store repair

Only need a screen replaced we charge £34.99 for installation + part (typically £49.99)
Other services we offer:
  1. PC tune up + Free anti-virus and system optimising software that will be scheduled to run every month to keep your system running smoothly

  1. Data removal / wiping service: Selling your laptop? Worried about any recoverable data that may still be hidden on the hard drive? - If you have sensitive or personal data on a hard drive and would like to make sure is completely unrecoverable - we can perform an extensive data wiping and overwriting process which will make it impossible for anyone to recover info from you drive

  1. Data backup: All of our precious work data, pictures, emails and videos are stored on very delicate magnetised plates we know as hard drives. Not having this data backed up and secure could mean loosing all of this if the hard drive or laptop suddenly fails. As these mementos are priceless it is always good practice to have this data backed up - We can back up your data on DVD's or external hard drive for safe keeping

  1. Data Recovery: This is a complex process which involves using different methods to try and recover your lost or deleted data. The process can take a few days to yield any results and normally 85% of all data is recoverable - Many companies charge by the Gigabyte but we prefer to provide a tailored fixed price service. Various factors like type of operating system used or length of time the file has been "lost" will play a vital part of the success rate of recovery.



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