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Data removal service

Data wiping is increasingly being used to ensure that our sensitive data is not recoverable. There have been a few high profiles cases in the UK of sensitive data being found on hard drives, even after formatting the drives.

Formatting is by far not the best way to delete your data as this is merely erasing the index file that contains the data location on the hard disk so the operating system can access it. Using the data recovery techniques and software it is possible to recover some data depending on file type and size.

data removal

Selling your old computer / laptop / hard drive?

Did you know that people in the know, could potentially retrieve you sensitive information, photos etc

We use industry standard methods to re write and hash out your complete hard drive, to ensure every sector contains no retrievable information

Local customers could have their devices collected and delivered in person if based within 5 miles or alternatively you can arrange an appointment with our live chat staff or by calling us on 08000 119 733 to set up a suitable time to bring your device

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