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Data recovery service

Lost pictures, data, documents?

If you have lost files on your computer or deleted them accident the first thing to prevent the data being over written is not use the PC. Even restarting a PC or laptop can write data to the drive and so it is best not to use the system to increase your chances of data recovery.

In some instances the data may still be intact but the index the hard drive uses as reference may be corrupted or have missing entries and so not visible within your computer. We use corporate grade data recovery techniques that uses the latest data recovery technology to retrieve your data. If a hard drive has been dropped or damaged it would require equipment with extreme accuracy to reset the internal components and so would not be not be financially viable for end consumers.

The process itself will generally takes around 24 hours depending on the hard drive. In general Individual text files along with office documents have the highest rate of data recovery. Depending on image sizes, pictures are also recoverable although large pictures may suffer data loss and leave some images with lines or pixel damage.

All we need to know is what type of data you require to recover and we will take it from there to recover as much data as possible. Depending on the amount and type of data to recover a average data recovery rate is 80% of the data processed

Flexible service: If you are local to us we can come to collect your device and deliver it back to you or if you prefer you can drop off your device to our premises with an appointment

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Book the collection online - State if you would like it collected or drop it off at our premises - provide a date and time you would like it to happen, we will confirm this with you via your Paypal email address - Same day collection/ drop off? Call us on 08000 119 733

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