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Emergency PC repair

"There within 2 hours...!" - Call us on : 08000 119 733

Data Backup service

If your a local customer we can collect your device, back up all of your important photos, documents, music and any data you would like keep safe and back it up onto dvd's to ensure they are secure even if the computer / hard drive fails - alternatively you can arrange an appointment with one of our live chat operators or call us on 08000 119 733 to bring your device to our premises

The advantage of saving your data onto a hard copy is that it does not rely on electronic components and so can never fail if looked after. A computer can fail at any time without warning - Do you have all your photos and files backup ?

No matter in what format your data is we will ensure it stays safe and accessible for years to come - USB FLASH DRIVES - EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES - LAPTOPS HARD DRIVES - Leave it to us! If your a local customer we can collect and deliver your device otherwise please arrange an appointment with us to drop off your device and we shall contact you as soon as your device is ready for collection

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