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SMS for your website


Gain more traffic to your site

Providing a free sms service could bring alot of new traffic to your website


All sms messages are 100% free to send

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Free sms gateway

Our free sms gateway supports all countries and phone networks

How does it work?


Copy and paste the code below and paste it where you want to display it, simple!


Once on your site, your users will instantly be able to send unlimited sms to any country free of charge once every 10 minutes


Thats it! , We take care of the rest and you now have free sms on your website

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Webmaster sms widget:

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how to add sms websiteHow can I run my own SMS service?

If you would like to run your own sms server then you have a few options avaiable to you.

There are two main categories of sms gateway solutions, 1. cloud based sms gateways & 2. software based sms gateways. This is not a comprehensive list by any menas but a few that we have come across that we would be happy to recommend

Cloud based vs Software based - Cloud based solutions generally have a solid infrasructure as they are relied upon by thoudsands of users. They tend to use high end equipment and have various fails safes incase something goes wrong. As they are well established they often have samples and a free support network to help developers

Software based sms gateways are generally installed on a standalone server that has an internet connection. The software will have various advanced sms / mms features but will not include voice call features as with most cloud based services. Both system have their pros and cons and are virtually as easy to set up as eachother.

In regards to initial setup costs the cloudbased solution are by far the cheapest and with as little as $20 and a little html knowledge you could be up and running within the hour

Guaranteed SMS delivery

how to add text messaging to websiteReliabe SMS platform

Our SMS backend uses the latest technology to ensure reliability and eficiency across global telephone networks. Our sms service boasts a 99% uptime and sms delivery

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