Repair Services

Repair Services

What our customers say:

Kelly, Uxbridge

My sons Xbox one was not reading games and he wanted it fixed asap. Searched online and found Xboxpcpro I was surprised to see the price as it was nearly half the price I was quoted by Microsoft. I booked a one hour repair slot and he was playing later that same afternoon, happy mum!

Alexis, Ealing

Our Xbox one was no longer playing games or blu rays. A quick call later and my console was booked in for collection the next day and it was sent back 3 days later fully working!

Valentina, London

My Xbox had no power and nothing was coming up on screen. I was sure the console had come to its end, after searching on gool I found this service who offered a no fix no fee xbox one repair - I had nothing to lose so booked an appointment and I was pleasantly surprised when I returned in an hour with a fully working Xbox one!